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Saccharomyces Boulardii = Help for Many Shades of Grey

Posted by Mrs. Deihl AKA "Vita Deihl" on


Recently I had the experience of being rushed to the ER. Yep, me, not my husband. Go figure. At any rate, after 7 hours and plenty of Morphine (thank goodness), they concluded it was possibly a gallbladder issue. Correct, they said possibly. The HIDA scan saw One, Small, Stone. It had probably blocked a duct to the liver or pancreas. I was sent home with a prescription for pain pills and told to follow up with my physician.

Considering this recent painful episode, my doctor suggested that I consider having my gall bladder removed. She continued to explain to me “that people can live without their gallbladder.” Now coming from someone who has all of her original organs still intact, I said to her, “I’ll never understand why doctors can remove our appendix, tonsils, adenoids, gallbladders, one kidney, one lung, and say that we really don’t need them, how is this possible?” She smiled at me saying, “their purposes aren’t all that vital for our bodies to function.” What?? A few days later, I was relaying this comment to my hair stylist, Bruce. He said “Well, minus all those extra organs, sounds to me like a great way to achieve your Goal Weight!” Wow, now that was profound!

Naturally I spent the next several days researching like a fanatical woman on a mission. I also revisited my most recent colonoscopy report. It was noted that a possible ulcer was seen in my small intestine. However, Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and several other similar conditions were ruled out (because of my otherwise healthy state). Hmmm, so many possible Shades of Grey in my life! Gastrointestinal health can be complicated. Numerous times my research kept leading me to Saccharomyces Boulardii. What on earth is this and could this missing ingredient from my tummy possibly explain the reason for my surprise visit to the ER?

Originally, Saccharomyces Boulardii was derived from Lychee and Mangosteen fruit discovered by Henri Boulard, a French scientist. It is tropical strain of brewer’s yeast that happens to function like a probiotic. For the past 30 or so years, doctors have recommended it to help patients with diarrhea. S. boulardii can also help treat other ailments, such as traveler’s diarrhea, Clostridium difficile infection, lactose intolerance, and might even have a future in the treatment of acne, vaginal yeast infections, high cholesterol, fever blisters, and canker sores. It seems to improve the quality of life of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and Cox College Health Information states that S. boulardii was helpful in treating diarrhea caused by Crohn’s disease.

When taking antibiotics, they specifically target only the bad bacteria. However, both good and bad bacteria are killed off. In a healthy person’s body, it can take up to six months to re-establish a healthy balance. Probiotics like S. boulardii help to replenish our good bacteria, causing our systems to stabilize more quickly. This probiotic is considered to be a hypoallergenic product as it is free of lactose, casein, gluten, corn, soy, egg, sugar and maltodextrin. Suggested use: 5-7 days your system is cleared out, then maintenance when needed.

Take Away: Do I have my gallbladder removed (and maybe start heading toward Achieving my Goal Weight) or give my newest supplement a chance to work? Hmmm, as much as I really want to achieve My Goal Weight, if truth be told, I feel that I am on to a great, new, exciting, relationship with S.Boulardii (of French origin)!  Je t'adore (love)!

Aka Mrs. Deihl

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